Elon Musk retracts on the arrival of humans on Mars

Elon Musk has announced that SpaceX will not fly a Crewed mission to Mars until at least 2029

Musk has updated his predictions for the first Crewed mission to Mars, and again, the date is a bit later than before

While NASA made perhaps more realistic predictions early on, SpaceX began by announcing a surprisingly early date

Though, this has been delayed every so often, with the latest update that already places the launch in 2029

The reason beyond pandemics and wars seems to be related to the fact that the Starship shuttle would be used for the trip, which is not yet ready

It is true that they have made very important progress in recent months, but not enough to face their most optimistic predictions

It should be noted that a trip to Mars from Earth cannot be made at any time. The movement of both planets, as well as other important factors, mean that there are only specific periods, called launch windows, in which a trip of this type can be undertaken

Once this trip to the Moon is complete, NASA sets its sights on Mars

However, from the beginning, it has been announced that this Crewed mission could not be carried out until the 2030s

Instead, Elon Musk has been much more optimistic. His goal is to colonize the red planet as soon as possible, thanks to the use of his Starship reusable shuttle

SpaceX has been working for many years to get everything ready. But perhaps he was too early with the dates