Photo Source: Fox Business


Elon Musk fails to win the Twitter lawsuit in Chancery Court.

Tesla Inc. founder Elon Musk lost the Twitter fight in Delaware Chancery Court (Wilmington).

Twitter triumphed over Musk to oblige him to complete his $44 billion buyout. 

The trial date was anticipated in February. However, the Chancery judge pledged to fast-track the lawsuit. 

Based on Musk's request, Judge Kathaleen St. J. McCormick, the Chancery Court Chief Judge,

scheduled the lawsuit on Tuesday for five days in the fall instead of two weeks in February. 

Besides, Twitter added that post-Elon Musk's retreat from the bargain, it was suffering. 

Many experts have already revealed that Musk is an underdog. Indeed, the revelations exceeded expectations, and Musk lost the lawsuit. 

McCormick asserted that we could not delay the lawsuit as continued delay could harm the company.

The company is already enduring losses post Musk's withdrawal from the case. 

McCormick's assertion was the outcome of Musk's lawyer's argument. As he mentioned on Sept. 19,

 however, the trail turned fast-track due to the company's severe loss. 

Musk's team was resisting Twitter's fast-tracking the trail. They added that Twitter is unfairly dragging for a "warp speed" trail. 

In addition, Musk's lawyer Andrew Rossman said that the February trial would provide sufficient court time to conclude the case and provide a chance for an appeal. 

Rossman defended Musk by saying he has no intentions to damage Twitter because he is the second largest shareholder. 

Nonetheless, Rossman, despite presenting his several arguments, failed to convince McCormick.

Therefore, McCormick dismissed Rossman's arguments.