Tesla Car delivering coffee

The video of the driverlessĀ Tesla car delivering coffee in Dubai has gone viral.

Photo by Bram Van Oost

The video was first shared by tech entrepreneur Alvin Foo and viewed over 125k times.

The video shows a man dressed in traditional clothing approaching Tesla Car and receiving coffee from inside.

The title for the viral video was 'Coffee Delivery by #Tesla's Autonomous Car In Dubai".

The Footage of Driverless car in UAE

Video by Alvinfoo/Twitter

People are excited and they are Looking forward to sharing the road with many more random vehicles soon".

The Footage of autonomous Tesla car posted on Twitter was staged

The Dubai government is pursuing a bold and innovative strategy to make 25% of all transportation in the city autonomous by 2030.

Photo by Darcey Beau

With this move, the Dubai government plans to cut transportation costs by 2030.

They also aim at reducing environmental pollution and traffic accidents while boosting general economic returns through increased efficiency in their transport sector!

This strategy can be used in various sectors, including metros and taxis.

The video of Tesla Delivering coffee posted on Twitter was staged

On the Roads of Dubai, you won't be able to find driverless vehicles just yet.