Apple iPhone Rental Program


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You may be wondering if this means your favorite iPhones are about to get even more expensive. But don't worry! 

Apple will be launching a new service that will allow users to rent an iPhone for a certain period of time instead of buying one.

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Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has revealed even more details about the program.

It's been reported by Phone Arena that the program will be released in late 2022 or early 2023 in the United States.

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Rumors have it that the iPhone subscription service will be more like a rental program, and you'll never actually own the device.

Based on the iPhone upgrade Program, how much it would cost you to get the latest iPhone Model?

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The iPhone Upgrade program starts at an affordable rate of $35.33 per month.

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According to Gurman, there's no doubt that rental fees will be a little lower.

The latest and most prominent iPhone models cost a lot more, so it's no wonder that many people would want to buy them through subscription services in the United States!

Apple iPhone 13: $35 per month

Apple iPhone 13 Pro: $45 per month

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Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max: $50 per month

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The program also offers Apple One Services Subscriptions and AppleCare Support plans.

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Apple's Motive Behind The iPhone Rental Program

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The company's motives behind the program are reported to earn more revenue. The 2019 report states that a program like this would allow the company to generate consistent income.

The conventional Apple user upgrades their iPhone every three years. This indicates that they spend about $825 on an Apple iPhone

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The other side of the picture clarifies a person manipulating an iPhone with a subscription might spend $1,260 for three years ($35 x 26).

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If a user upgrades to the latest model, Apple could sell their used device and can earn even more money.

More honorably, the customers will not consume a huge amount of money at once.

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And Users will be able to upgrade more quickly to the latest Apple iPhone models every year.

Considering this, we can anticipate Apple to officially declare the program by the end of 2022 or early 2023.