Apple iPhone SE 4 might be delayed.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo's tweets, the highly anticipated iPhone SE 4 from Apple may be delayed or even canceled. 

The company has reportedly been experiencing lower-than-average sales for its midrange iPhones,

leading Cupertino to delay or cancel plans for the iPhone SE 4 until 2024.

Kuo also predicted that the iconic full-screen design of the upcoming iPhone SE 4 would come with a higher price tag due to increased production costs. 

Apple may need to reconsider its strategy for the device.

There have also been rumors that the iPhone SE 4 could feature a notch-bearing, 6.1-inch LCD or OLED display similar to the current iPhone 14 models.

This news comes as a disappointment to Apple fans who were eagerly awaiting the release of the iPhone SE 4. 

The device was expected to offer a more affordable option for consumers, with rumors suggesting it would come at a lower price than previous iPhone models.

It is unclear at this time whether the delay or cancellation of the iPhone SE 4 is due to production issues or simply a decision by Apple to focus on other products. 

It remains to be seen whether Apple will ultimately release the iPhone SE 4 or whether the company will choose to focus on other products.

 In the meantime, Apple fans will have to wait and see what the future holds for the highly anticipated device.