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You may be thinking, "What are these?!" Well, trust me--they will shock you.

Two days after the death of his mother, Johnny Depp received a divorce request from Amber Heard.

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The assistant of Amber's testified against her, claiming that she was addicted to hard drugs and had become abusive.

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Johnny Depp believes that Amber heard used him for her career.

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's divorce was finalized in 2015.

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The actress publicly vowed to split and donate 7 million dollars of her divorce settlement money to two charities because she wasn't interested in Depp's Money.

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Shortly after hearing the news of her break up with Johny Depp, she got into a relationship with the Richest man on earth "Elon Musk."

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Amber Heard has shown herself as the victim in front of tech entrepreneur Elon Musk, who offered to provide 24/7 security for her.

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Not Only that but It was also revealed that the Tesla CEO Elon Musk paid part of the money Amber heard promised to donate.

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Talking about Amber's relationship: Not everyone knows that Amber has been dating more than one woman in the past, and she's openly Bi-sexual.

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While the trial was going on, Amber did something that left everyone in awe.

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She copied Depp's outfits repeatedly and showed up with a similar look one or two days later - even down to small details like using the same bumble BEE tie as him.

After Amber's scandal, millions of people have signed a petition to remove her from Aquaman 2.

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However, it is complicated for the producers since the film has already been shot. It seems like the public is finally tired of her scandals.

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When Amber Heard best friend passed away in a car accident, it was the moment that caused her to leave her home and started a new life.

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She had always loved hunting, fishing, and riding horses with her dad when she was little, but after this tragedy, everything changed.

Amber Heard's early career was shaped by her physical features rather than talent. Some people think She used others to further succeed.

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