Is Shutdown or Rebranded? What happened to Zoro to?


Are you an anime lover? If so, you’ve probably noticed that, the go-to website for anime, has disappeared overnight and redirects you to a different domain. But don’t worry; this post has all the answers to your questions about why this happened.

This popular website offers a wide range of anime episodes with subtitles and dubbed versions, all in stunning ultra-HD quality. The best part? No registration or payment is necessary.

The site has recently gone through some major changes, leaving users needing clarification. Zoro has either closed down or transformed into something else overnight, giving rise to the new platform called Aniwatch.

Is Rebranded?, the popular website for anime streaming, has recently undergone a redirection. Instead of landing on, users are now seamlessly redirected to a new domain called 

This change has caught the attention of users who have noticed the shift to the new platform. Although there has been no official confirmation, speculation is rife among users, with some suggesting that may have either shut down or rebranded as

Is Shutdown?

The team has officially announced their rebrand to Aniwatch, along with the compelling reasons that led to this decision. 

“Everyone calm down; Zoro is acquired by a new dev team; they will now handle the whole website and social network accounts. Do not worry; all the data will remain the same; the old staff will keep supporting the server. Thank you,” has been acquired by a new developer who will now be responsible for running the website. is not a legal anime website, as it operates illegally, just like many others. The website does not have the necessary rights or licenses to legally stream or download anime series. 

However, it does provide high-quality anime content that can be downloaded. Despite its illegal status, it is known to be a safe platform for online anime viewing and has a large user base with millions of monthly visitors.

What Happened to

Pirate websites are well-known for constantly changing their domain names. This is usually due to domain seizures or suspensions, which forces them to quickly relocate to new domains. 

However, recently, domain jumping has served two additional purposes. Firstly, it creates challenges for anti-piracy groups during their investigations. Secondly, it affects their visibility on search engines.

Pirate websites like Zoro frequently change their domains, driven by domain seizures, suspensions, and the desire to maintain search engine visibility. 

While receiving too many DMCA notices can lead to ranking penalties, the Zoro domain has not yet faced such consequences. Despite user concerns, the recent domain switch was clarified to be a management issue, alleviating worries among the site’s users. Alternatives (Paid)

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  1. What happened to, an illegal anime website, has undergone a sudden transformation. A new team acquired it and has now been rebranded as

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