Apple Releases iOS 16.6 and iPadOS 16.6 Public Betas


In an exciting move, Apple has just released the public betas for iOS 16.6 and iPadOS 16.6, granting non-developers the opportunity to preview and test the upcoming software updates before their official release. This initiative allows users to get a glimpse of the latest features and provide valuable feedback to Apple.

Users can join Apple’s free testing program to access the beta versions. Once enrolled, enabling the beta is a breeze: navigate to Settings, then General, and finally, select Software Update. This straightforward process ensures that anyone interested in the new updates can easily participate.

Although iOS 16.6 is expected to be a minor update, it sets the groundwork for an intriguing feature known as iMessage Contact Key Verification. This addition aims to bolster message security and enhance the overall user experience. By incorporating this verification mechanism, Apple further strengthens its commitment to protecting user privacy and data.

By joining the public beta program, testers can explore the upcoming functionalities and play a vital role in identifying any issues or bugs that may need fixing. Their feedback assists Apple in refining and improving the iOS and iPadOS updates, ensuring a seamless user experience for all.

The availability of public betas follows the release of the initial betas to developers, extending the testing phase to a broader audience. This inclusive approach allows Apple to gather diverse perspectives and use cases, resulting in more robust and user-centric software updates.

The release of iOS 16.6 and iPadOS 16.6 public betas offers users an exciting sneak peek into Apple’s latest developments. By participating in the testing process, users can contribute to the improvement of the software and look forward to a more refined and feature-rich experience in the near future.


Erika Ryan is Senior Editor at Thewistle. She previously worked for Crunchbase News as Editor in Chief as well as The Next Web, TechCrunch, and Mattermark. You can contact Erika at [email protected]