Google might be working on a smaller Pixel version with flagship specs


Google might be working on a compact-size flagship phone. It isn’t officially announced, but a Weibo Tipster recently claimed that Google would likely launch a mini flagship phone with a code name Neila.

Google has been silent for a while now in pocket-sized flagship phones, and it might be time to respond with some news. The Pixel 5 is the last device of its kind in this regard, so maybe they’re working on something new?

Neila (rumored name) will be the Pixel Mini flagship device. It will come with a small screen size, similar to the current Pixel models.

Furthermore, the tipster on Weibo claims that the phone will be a flagship device but will be compact. He also stated that, as it is too early, we can’t have any further details regarding this.

We don’t have many details about this phone yet but based on what little information, we know for sure. The Pixel Mini will be powered by the latest Tensor Chip, already seen in the Pixel 6 Lineup.

Besides this, the upcoming Pixel 7 and 7 Pro smartphones will likely be powered by the same Tensor Chip.

Overall, Google’s Pixel mini could be a successful product in developing countries. The company needs to ensure that it is price competitive and includes all of the features people want, but if they can do these things, then this device has potential for worldwide appeal.