WhatsApp disclosed this Thursday that it banned 2.39 million Indian accounts in July. Veterans added that this is the highest number of banned accounts this year.

The popular messaging app revealed its monthly report on Tuesday, highlighting the number of banned Indian accounts this year.

Moreover, compliance reports have been obligatory every month due to the Asian nation’s rigid IT regulations.

Besides, in June, the ordinance disclosed set up a cabinet to consider users’ requests. In addition, if authorized by the courts to do so, the substantial social media apps shall enable the designation of the first inventor of information.

Further, among all outlawed accounts, 1.43 million were banned proactively, that is, before any statements from users.

Additionally, the social media outlet asserted that it has got a total of 574 complaint reports. Through the complaints channel, several objections were received, which directed to the prohibition of several accounts.

In a nutshell, the social media platform, condemned for dissipating fake news across the country, banned 2.39 million accounts in India based on reports in July.

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