A new app will replace HBO Max and Discovery Plus

HBO Max is no more your entertaining partner but after the summer of 2023.

A new app will replace the entertainment platform in the coming summer of 2023.

Moreover, the new app will replace HBO Max and Discovery Plus as well, CEO David Zaslav said on a revenue call on Friday.

So it means that the new app will end the era of both HBO Max and Discovery Plus apps. Although there is no clue about the new app, as said by the official, the current apps will be replaced.

There were a lot of rumors on different social media platforms regarding the company’s future, staff, and officials’ announcements. Still, now it seems like they are no more rumors.

In addition, the officials have announced several films that have not yet been released, such s “BATGIRL.”

Now you would be wondering why another app will replace it, so Zaslav says in this regard that there were some competitive and performance issues with the app.” HBO Max has customer issues,” she added. The new app will clean out all the issues and problems of the customers.

Moreover, Zaslav also said later in the call that “the product will be superb.”
He also assured the users by saying that the company would not remove the complete BATGIRL from the release list. So don’t worry, you will have your favorite show.

In addition, other movies that are limited to HBO Max are not disappeared from streaming. Instead, they are still available to buy or rent.

But unfortunately, the new app’s name, branding, or streaming price is not yet revealed. So we have to wait till then

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