Yeat teased his upcoming LYFE EP, which features two Lil Uzi Vert appearances

Yeat’s LYFE EP comes with two new features of Lil Uzi Vert. Oregon rapper has teased his upcoming album LYFE EP along with a varied preview of its tracks.

“I am done, next month,” he wrote on Instagram to give a glimpse and the release date.

However, fans soon realized that Lil Uzi Vert is featured in two of the EP’s tracks. This has shaped the bond between these two rappers more strongly as their chemistry has been proven in “Big Tonka” and “3G” from Yeat’s 2 Alivë in April. Which is a deluxe edition of the original 2 Alivë of nine songs.

In addition, The Original 2 Alive, which featured verses from Gunna, Young Thug, Ken Car$on, SeptembersRich, Lancey Foux, and others, was released in February. It debuted in no six on the Billboard 200. It had sold 35,000 albums in total during its first week of debut.

So it means it was a successful album.

Moreover, Yeat’s time in the spotlight is beginning to transition toward widespread acclaim. In May, his song “Turban” was included in a Nike commercial for Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Given Yeat’s inclination for rapping about drugs, the business declared openly it can be connected to anyone’s Nike membership to unlock special incentives and other benefits.

That is also a benefit, what do you think isn’t it?

Furthermore, Drake is also a strong supporter of the Portland rapper. Following their public appearance in Houston the previous year, Drake showed him even more affection in March by giving him a pair of Nike Nocta sneakers.

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