US & China has conflicts over the visit of Pelosi to Taiwan

Hu xi jin is an excellent Chinese anchor who told on Saturday, July 30, in Beijing that he had removed a tweet threat of military counterattack if US warplanes escort House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on a trip to Taiwan.

Pelosi is ranked 3 of the most successful politicians in the U.S. after Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris marked on Friday that she would like to visit Asia.

Beijing claimed that she didn’t highlight Taiwan. However, the assumption of her constitutional democratically sanctioned isle has increased anxiety beyond the Taiwan crisis these days.

Moreover, on a telephone call, on Thursday, Chinese President Xi Jinping strictly prohibited Joe Biden. Washington should stop getting involved in the one-China principle.

Further, he added that “those who play with fire will disappear.”

If the U.S. service transports fighter jets to escort to Taiwan, then the condition would be critical and would face a high degree of aggression said by Hu, former editor-in-chief of state tabloid World Occasions, mentioned on China’s microblog Weibo:

In addition, he wrote on Twitter that in case Pelosi has to go to Taiwan,” our soldier’s jets should utilize all the contradictory methods. If these become useless and unsuccessful, then for me, it’s OK to fire down aircraft of Pelosi.

Further, he added that I must discard all my tweets to get my Twitter account unblocked, which is blocked due to my hatred of tweets for violating the platform.

On Friday, the US had seen no evidence of an imminent Chinese military operation against Taiwan, a White House national security spokesman explained, when Pelosi asked for a couple of possible trips to the island.

Visits by U.S. officials to Taiwan are a source of tension between Beijing and Washington, which has no official diplomatic relations with Taiwan but will legislate to provide the island with the means of self-defense.

Moreover, on July 30, The United States of America contains a huge navy presence in the Asia-Pacific, beside across the South China Sea, utilizing that a U.S. plane supplier is passing over in the ritual of what the U.S. navy mentioned was a routine patrol (Reuters).

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