Will Smith again apologised to Chris Rock

“I am deeply remorseful,” Wil smith apologized to Chris Rock in his new video.

He has apologized again to Chis for his unacceptable behavior in the year Oscar show.

Smith said in the video that he had reached out to Chris but answered that Rock was not ready to talk.

However, in the six minutes video online Friday, he says, “There is no part of me that thinks that was the right way to behave at that moment, I am deeply remorseful, and I’m trying to be remorseful without being ashamed of myself.”

“I’m here whenever you’re ready to talk.” He said to Rock in the video.

Will Smith was answering the pre-selected question regarding his behavior in this year’s Oscar show, where he slapped Chris Rock for making a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith and her hair.

Not only to the comedian, He made an apology but also to his whole family.

He especially apologized to Chris’s mother as she told US Weekly that Smith had not only Slapped Chris, but instead, he had sapped all of them.” he slapped me,” she has added.

Moreover, Chris has also apologized to Chris’s younger brother Tony Rock.

In addition, When he was asked about his feelings about other people’s feelings, He said, “I have broken my heart by stealing others’ moment, and I am sorry. “He said to other Nominees.

Further, when he was asked about his feeling that now people are looking down on him after his behavior, he said, “disappointing people is my biggest trauma.”

Will Smith said in this regard that it hurts me a lot when he lets people down and hurts me both psychologically and emotionally.

So, he is feeling regret for his behavior, and I think all of us should forgive him, including Chris and his family.

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