Jerry Jones apologized for his remarks regarding Larry Lacewell

Jerry Jones, the Cowboys owner, apologized for using derogatory words for the Dwarfs.

So this means It was just a joke about Larry Lacewell.

The word was used by jerry while talking about the former Cowboys’ director Larry Lacewell, who died in May at the age of 85.

But later that evening, Jones apologized for using the derogatory “m-word” regarding dwarfs in the following words, according to BC:

“I commented earlier today that, from what I can tell, some people may have found offensive. My apologies.”

Moreover, Jones said, “Lace held court out here,” while talking to the reporters at the Cowboys training camp in Oxnard.

Further, he added:

“I will get someone, a [m-word], to stand up there with me, dress him up like Lace, and think Lace is still here assisting at training with us.”

However, in response to this word, the organization of the dwarfs of America, “Little People of America,” responded harshly and said the dwarfs have never been referred to with such a word as Jerry Jones. Instead, this word was used to refer to people of short stature on public display.

Moreover, the community of dwarfs people has said that their real names should better call them, but if one uses an alternative, then they should be called dwarf, little people, or people having dwarfism. It is written in the 2015 essay about the term.

In addition to the above Statement, it is also written in the essay that the word, as a part of language, has the power to demean people’s self-esteem and identity. It can cause permanent damage to oneself if it is used with any intention.

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