Walt Disney Co Marvel declares about the release of two new ‘Avengers’ movies


Walt Disney Co Marvel studios declared on Saturday at a demonstration that two new ‘Avengers’ films will release in 2025. They also discussed some parts related to its upcoming TV shows and movies.

The declaration related to Avengers brought immense joy and applause from the fans, who were more than 6000 in a conference hall. Although Feige gave little details about the films, fans enjoyed and ardently waited for its release.

In 2019, Avengers: Endgame entered the theatre and became the second-best movie of all time. Despite this, it gave a profit of $25 billion in global box office sales.

In addition, Feige also disclosed proposals for ‘Daredevil’: Born Again, an 18-episode TV series. This will be part of the theatre in the spring of 2024.

Further, he asserted about the ‘Thunderbolts’ movie that will release in July 2024.

Additionally, the studio highlighted some of the films that will be released soon. This will include next February’s debut of the third “Ant-Man and The Wasp” film and subtitled “Quantumania.”

The demonstration at the conference hall closed with a look at “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.” That featured Chadwick Boseman, who failed to resist cancer two years later.

Even Coogler asserted some mesmerizing about Chadwick Boseman. He added that I feel him right now with me. He was super geniuses, his passion, mastery, and influence on his industry will always be felt.