Just because of Kanye West’s online behavior, he is not allowed to perform in the upcoming Grammy Awards Show.

Nonetheless, According to Variety, Ye’s reaffirmed that he wouldn’t be permitted to perform at the current year’s entertainment expo because of his “concerning” Instagram posts.

Ye (previously known as Kanye West) was excluded from the first presentation line-up. However, he is named for five awards, including Album of the Year. In April, rapper and “Simple” teammate the Game familiar his considerations on Ye’s nonattendance from the Grammys.

The rapper composed on Instagram that “The Grammys have without a second to spare chose to pull [Kanye West] from performing on the show as though we didn’t realize it was coming,”

“Could be because [Trevor Noah] is facilitating and there was a discussion held among his group and the institute that prompted the choice or because Ye’s record was suspended only days prior for no obvious reason, particularly in reality as we know it where every one of the negativities of the world can be found on the equivalent application without any repercussions or suspensions.”

Moreover, The Game references a viral The Daily Show fragment where have Trevor Noah portrays the provocation ladies face from their exes when they attempt to leave a relationship.

In addition, Recently, Kanye West was restricted from posting on Instagram for 24 hours due to “abusing Instagram’s approaches on disdain discourse, provocation, and harassing.” However, he has distributed numerous IG posts about his partition from ex-Kim Kardashian and her present beau, jokester Pete Davidson.

Moreover, Kardashian has spoken about Kanye West’s Instagram presence, condemning his story that he isn’t permitted to see his kids and his sentiments on Davidson, who he alludes to as “Skete.” “Kindly stop this account. You were simply here toward the beginning of today getting the children for school,” remarked Kardashian on Ye’s presently erased Instagram post.

He has no posts on his Instagram, except a couple of Reels and recordings from last November.


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