Kanye West shows no concern about releasing NFT soon


Crypto art is now at the peak of popularity. To keep up with the trend, many celebrities have started releasing their NFTs. For example, Estonian rapper Tommy Cash started producing digital clothes, and Snoop Dogg decided to make his own NFT sitcom.

Similar activity was expected from Kanye West. After all, the performer intends to become a legend in the world of music and make a significant contribution to contemporary art.

The rapper called himself the most considerable artist in an interview and compared Michelangelo. However, Kanye is not interested in digital creativity. Therefore, the artist made it clear that he would not release NFT in the near future.

He yet dedicated a separate post on Instagram to the topic of crypto art. He asked fans not to encourage him to create NFT collections. Judging by the angry tone of the address, Kanye is pretty tired of discussions on crypto art.

The performer stressed that this topic is not close to him: he wants to create in his usual format. “I’m focused on making real products in the real world,” the rapper wrote.

However, West does not rule out that his opinion about NFTs may change in the future. Hence the postscript at the end of the emotional message reads: “Ask me about it later.” It is possible that the artist did not fully understand how digital artworks.

Image Source: TheNews.com.pk

Fans are speculating that Kanye will eventually join the ranks of crypto artists, which will happen pretty soon. In the comments to the post, they joke that the musician will release the Donda 2 album in NFT form.

NFT art is closely related to the concept of metaverses. It is assumed that in the new virtual worlds that Meta, Nike, Adidas, Microsoft, Niantic, Disney, and other corporations are building, virtual houses, cars, and clothing items will be in demand.

And while some are excited about the new technological revolution, others are skeptical about the metaverse. For example, Elon Musk criticized the projects of Mark Zuckerberg and the entrepreneurs who followed him.

The Tesla founder believes that the concept of web3 (including the metaverse) is just a cunning marketing ploy. But unfortunately, another businessman, Jack Dorsey, who created Twitter and Block, was not shared the enthusiasm for virtual worlds.

Metaverses+ were also discussed in the new YouTube show “Trend.” Amiran Sardarov, Yulia Koval, Andrey Borisov, and Yana Churikova agreed that web3 is a “growth trend.” So far, Zuckerberg and other entrepreneurs have only the idea of ​​​​the project, and what will come of it is unknown.