On January 5, 2022, one of Hollywood’s most beautiful, sought-after, and highly paid actors turns 47 years old. Unfortunately, the future movie star fell ill as a child. But his journey to the big screen has been a long one.

On the birthday of the star of the films “Sniper,” “My Boyfriend is Crazy,” and other blockbusters, someone recalls rare facts about a celebrity.

Difficult Teenager

Bradley Cooper received a good education. He studied well but did not differ in excellent behavior. Unfortunately, the actor fell into the trap of adolescence. Bradley was such a freak that now he remembers his antics with a shudder.

Cooper said that he turned his parents’ life into absolute hell. He also had a police record. Once, he was arrested for drinking alcohol in a public place; Bradley was only 15 years old.

By the way, after his father’s death, the actor’s mother, Gloria Cooper, lives with him constantly.

Doorman work

After moving from Philadelphia to New York, Cooper began indiscriminately attending all castings in a row. But he had to live on something, and he had to take on any job. So, he worked part-time in the Philadelphia Daily newspaper and as a doorman in a prestigious hotel.

Debut in a popular TV Series

Bradley Cooper’s Hollywood career began with filming in the now cult series Sex and the City.

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In one episode, Cooper got the role of the young lover of Sarah’s heroine Jessica Parker, whom she brought in to raise self-esteem and get rid of thoughts of her shortcomings.

The character Bradley was not distinguished by super intelligence and did not burden himself with thoughts about the meaning of life. But the young actor brilliantly coped with the task and liked both critics and spectators.

One and unsuccessful marriage

In 2011, People magazine named the actor the most handsome man globally. So it’s no surprise that the talented, wealthy, and damn attractive Cooper has always had a crowd of female fans.

But he was married only once, and the divorce took place four months after the wedding. After breaking up with her husband, Jennifer Esposito said that in family life, he turned out to be an absolute tyrant. And Cooper, in turn, admitted that he and his wife did not fit each other and decided not to torture themselves.

Novels with famous beauties

Bradley Cooper had relationships with Renee Zellweger, Zoe Saldana, Sookie Waterhouse, Jennifer Lopez, and Jennifer Lawrence.

Supermodel Irina Shayk gave birth to the actor’s only daughter, Leia, with whom he had an affair with for four years.

Irina Shayk came to the film’s premiere with Bradley Cooper in a harness instead of a top.

Cooper and Shayk were considered the most beautiful couple in Hollywood. Fans waited for the actor to lead the mother of his child to the altar, but this did not happen. Irina said she wanted a real family and was not against getting married, but she was not invited.

After breaking up, the model and the actor maintained a warm relationship for the sake of their daughter. Leia often visits her father; family holidays are also spent together. Irina Shayk also supports the ex-beloved at events vital for him.

Bradley Cooper is one of the most expensive actors in Hollywood. In 2015, his fortune was estimated at $ 42 million, but Cooper has recently increased his bank account several times thanks to his participation in cash projects.

So, for “The Bachelor Party in Vegas” in 2007, the actor received only 600 thousand dollars to continue the comedy – already 5 million, and for the third part – 15 million, Reported by Rambler.

Bradley received the most significant fee for voicing one of the characters in “Guardians of the Galaxy” – Rocket Raccoon.

Bradley Cooper was nominated eight times for the most prestigious film awards for the films “Joker,” “A Star is Born” (three nominations), “Sniper” (two nominations), “American Scam,” “My Boyfriend is Crazy.” But he never received the desired statuette.

In his youth, the actor had problems with alcohol and illegal substances. However, in 2004, he promised himself not to touch alcoholic drinks and has not changed his promise.

Bradley Cooper put on 20 kg of weight. But it was all muscle. So the actor hoped to look more convincing in the role of a soldier. To achieve the result, Bradley worked with a personal trainer twice a day, and he had to eat 5 thousand calories a day.


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