Ok fans! Hulu’s hit series ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING Season 2 is on the way to your television screens.

Only Murders In The Building is an American mystery comedy series. Season 1 of Only Murders In The Building was aired in August 2021 on HULU. Steve Martin and John Hoffman created it.

In addition, Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez are the prominent faces in the series. They are neighbors of one another in an apartment building. Still, they started a program covering the death investigation in the per West Side apartment building called The Arconia. The police have covered the death as suicide, but they investigate it as murder.

Moreover, the first series has got so many positive reviews. The first season is consists of 10 episodes. It has got so many viewers that it has become the most-watched HULU comedy series in history.

The fans watched the first season, and now they are patient for its second season to come. So the series has been RENEWED by the HULU, and filming has been started on the second season. So we will soon have season 2 on our TV screens. Below we have gathered more information about season 2 of ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING.

Is Season 2 of the ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING happening or not?

Yes, of course, season 2 of the ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING is happening. The HULU renewed the series in September 2021. So we will have its glimpses soon on social media that what is happening in the second season.

Moreover, according to Wikipedia, the filming has also been started on first December 2021. Martin has confirmed on Twitter in a post that shooting on the season has been started. It is stated in a selfie taken by Martin captioned”our first day at the shooting of ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING,” we are all happy to get back.”

Image: Hulu


We don’t have any official announcement of the release date, but there are some theories regarding the release date of season 2 of ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING.

In addition, as we know, the filming process has been started already in season 2 of ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING. So we can anticipate that season two will be wrapped up somewhere in 2022.

But one thing is quite sure that the shooting will be continued throughout the whole this upcoming fall, and we will have, expectedly, season 2 in summer 2022.

Who will be in the Cast of ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING Season 2?

The show has received so many positive reviews from critics and has won the hearts of many comedy lovers. So that’s why the HULU has renewed the series for season 2.

In addition to this, the fans have also loved its main characters and are now demanding their role in season 2. So the trio group of stars indefinitely returning in season 2 of Only Murders In The Building. Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez will be the prominent cast members next season.

Image: Hulu

In addition, Martin told RadioTimes.com that all the three members are interested in their return in the upcoming season. Moreover, in a Twitter post of Martin, we have seen that all the three characters are there in the shooting place. Martin has posted a selfie in which all the three stars have been shown.

Another thing about these three cast members is that the show can not run without these members. If the show is hit now, it’s because of these three characters. So their return is quite sure.

However, Martin will return as Charles-Haden Savage. We will see him again as a semi-retired actor who was the star of the popular 1990s detective drama TV series Brazos.

Moreover, I will also return as the director of a theater named Oliver Putnam. He has established a strong friendship with Charles during the rollercoaster events of the first ten episodes. These two characters have already worked on several projects before this series. They have already worked in several other comedies.

In addition to these two main stars, Selena Gomez will reprise her role as Mabel Mora.

Another character whose return is quite sure is Oscar, Mabel’s longtime friend. Aaron Dominguez will play Oscar, and he will play the role of the friend in season 2 who has seen her while taken away by the police in the final season.

Additionally, 30 Rock star Tina Fey has been shown as a guest in the first season as Cinda Canning. She is also. She is expected to return in season 2 because she has been portrayed as a successful true-crime podcaster.

Moreover, NYPD’s Detective Williams, played by Da’Vine Joy Randolph who has closed the case of Kono. In the final episode, he has to be shown that he has been interested once again.

Image: Hulu

As Jan, a professional bassoonist and has started dating William, Amy Ryan is also going to recur in season 2 of ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING, but it is less likely to happen. Her crimes of toxic bassoonist have been exposed, and for that, she has been arrested.

Jayne Houdyshell as Bunny, an iron-fisted board member and a resident of Arconia, may also return in season 2. Although the fans have seen him that he has been stabbed knitting needles, it is not quite sure whether he is dead or not or will return in season 2or not. But fans! Don’t expect to be out of the show.

In addition to these recurring faces, we have another character who has been introduced to the cast of the season is Cara Delevingne as Alice. Alice will be an art-world professional embroiled in the season’s mystery. The Deadline report confirms it.

Is there any trailer of Only Murders In the Building Season 2?

We don’t have any official announcement of the release date, so that’s why we don’t have any trailer for season 2.

Moreover, the production process started today, on 2 December 2021. So we are not having any clips of the new season.

But if we look at the first season, we can anticipate that the trailer may be released in spring 2022, but it is a guess. Maybe it gets late or arrives sooner.

What are Plot Spoilers and Theories of Season 2?

As in the first season finale, for a moment, it seems that the series is going to wend with this season but ALAS! Things change quickly when Mabels expresses that there are still”a couple of loose ends. “She is suspicious, but her doubts were extracted from her mind by Charles and Oliver.

But her doubt becomes a reality when coming into the apartment to bring some more drink to celebrate. She found Bunny’s dead body inside her apartment.

Image: Hulu

Benny’s dead body is stabbed with the Mabels’ knitting needles and lying on the ground of her apartment. So all of them will be arrested by the police in Bunny’s murder case because the dead body is found in Mabel’s apartment, and all of them were present at the moment when police came in.

So we can say for sure that season 2 will focus on the trio as they will try their level best to prove that they are not guilty of the crime and will also find the actual suspect in this case.

Moreover, as the first season was about the true killer of Tim Kono and now the topic and the case are shifted. The question has changed turned into who killed Bunny?

So in season two, we will see Mabels as the center of attention, mostly behind
bars and in the news. She will be more focused than her friends because of how much guilty she looks in this case. The dead body is found in her apartment, and Mabels own even the NEEDLES, so these are the factor that makes her guilty. While Charles and Oliver will investigate Secretly the case.

Moreover, it is also possible that in season 2, the scope becomes wider. It is expected that the show may show more about Aronia. Hoffman says on Deadline that season two is going to explore the history of the building and the effect the murders have on its real estate. So we will see the exploration of the surrounding in season 2.

The first clue that we have is that Charles was tested before the arrival of the police by an unknown number. So it suggests that it is from the killer or a witness to the crime.

Image: Hulu

Another clue that we have is about the guilt of Mabels. Hoffman told THE WRAP that she had not killed the Bunny by herself. There is no need to worry about her. The fans of Mabels need not fear that her favorite character will be the villain in the story.

In a nutshell, season two will deal with a new fresh case, and all these cliffhangers created by season 1 are going to be solved in season 2.

So be patient and keep in touch with us to inform you about the release date of Season 2 of ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING.


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