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The leading actress of Outer Banks, Madelyn Renee Cline, is an American actress and model. She is best known for her role in Outer Banks as Sarah Cameron.

Outer Banks is an American teen drama series on Netflix, one of the best series on Netflix.

Cline spent her early life in NEW YORK CITY, where she worked in different TV commercials. These commercials were either of Sunny D or T-Mobile. After that, she was struggling to get a chance in a TV series or movie.

EARLY LIFE of Madelyn Cline

Madelyn Cline was born on December 21, 1997, in South Carolina. Her father was an engineer, and her mother worked as a real estate agent in South Carolina.

She started modeling when she was only ten years of age. Along with this, she also worked for many print advertising campaigns. Once she appeared on the cover of AMERICAN GIRL magazine.

Cline studied school in Charleston Day School. After that, she went to Coastal Carolina College, and after that, she went to Coastal Carolina University. But soon, she decided to drop out to focus on her career as an actress.


Cline is 23 years of age, and her favorite colors are red. Among her famous singers is Justin Bieber. She has red hair, and she is 5.6 inches tall.

Among her interests are photography, hiking, and going on long road trips. She also added that she is an adventure freak. As a teenager, she also has an eating disorder that has caused many mental health issues.

In mid-2020, she began dating Chase Stokes, who is her co-star in Outer Banks.
Stokes shared a picture on social media in which he is enjoying dinner with Cline on the beach.

Life imitates art, and the fans are now speculating that her real love story has grown from her art love story, as in Outer Banks as she was quarantined for a month with the cast members of Outer Banks.


After lifting the University, she went to Los Angeles, where she searched for a job. She gave auditions, and each time was rejected. She was so much broken because she came alone to Los Angeles, and there was a shortage of money.

She did have enough money to go home. She was tormented with the thought that all her friends were earning their lives while she still needed money in her life.

But at Last, she got an opportunity to sparkle her skills and show the world her talent on National TV. She was selected in the TV film “The Jury,” which gave her a lasting reputation in the industry.

Her acting left an impression on the minds of watchers. Later on, she was added to the crew of “THE ORIGINALS” for the job of JESSICA. After that, she was advanced to Netflix, and there she worked as TINA in STRANGER THINGS Season 2.

All these performances polished her abilities and made her famous. Due to her hard work and determination, and prestige, she was selected as Sarah Cameron in Outer Banks. This made her a rising star in the industry.

It is also anticipated that she is inclined towards Stranger Things and has revealed her desire to be included in season 4 of it.

Films in which she worked

Madelyn Renee Cline has worked in several movies along with TV serials.

The first film in which she worked as Milites Christi (2009). At this stage, she was only 11 years old. Another movie in which she worked was 23rd Psalm: Redemption in 2011.

Other movies in which she appeared are:

  • Children of Wax (2012)
  • Bridge the Gap (2014)
  • Savannah Sunrise (2016)
  • Wild Flowers (2017)

Moreover, Cline has a small role in the film BOY ERASED, which has been Globe-nominated. She has also worked in This IS THE LAST movie. Along with this, she will also come out in the film, WHAT BREAKS THE ICE, and the blockbuster of Netflix KNIVES OUT 2.

In addition to this, she, along with Stokes, starred in KYGO and DONNA Summer music video for “Hot Stuff” in 2020.

Recently, Cline has worked in the Outer Banks as “Kook Princess” Sarah Cameron. Sarah Cameron Starts dating John B and quickly becomes a member of Pogues herself. As she dates Stokes in the series, she is dating him in real life also.

Moreover, she has been confirmed as a recurring actress in the upcoming season 3 of Outer Banks. In addition to this, she has many other projects which contribute to her worth. Below we have given information about her net worth. So don’t stop and scroll down and find out!


As we know, Cline has worked on several projects, and she is still going to be a part of many big projects.

All these projects have contributed to her wealth, and now she is one of the most costly actresses in America.

Currently, she is paid $63k for each episode. According to the reports, her net cost is $800,000 in 2021. According to some other sites and sources, her net worth is 1.2 million dollars in 2021.

Moreover, she has become the highest OBX cast member of her group. Most of this amount came from her work in Outer Banks on Netflix, but she also worked on several other major projects, as we have mentioned above. She earned from TV series as well as from movies and shows.

Although we know that she has started her career as a person who was not successful, she worked with such actors and actresses that she learned how to adjust herself to make fame and prestige. She worked hard and made her place in the hearts of the people.

She has got many hearts and thousands of fans on social media. Keeping in view their desire for the NET WORTH of their favorite star, we wrote this article.

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