The Walking Dead Season 11 Part 2: Everything we know so far


All about Walking Dead season 11, Part 2:Releasing date, cast, plot, and much more!

Part 1 of The Walking Dead season 11 was released in August 2021, consisting of 8 episodes, and now the fans are looking forward to part 2.

Part 1 was started with an enthusiastic and zealous episode which was called “Acheron”

It is quite unknown what the characters in part 2 of the series will do, but it is quite certain that this will be more exciting than the first one because many eight scenes will be shown in this part.

We will see the rise of a new Commonwealth leader Leah, and it would be a fierce one. In addition to this, we will also watch Daryl be in allegiance with Maggie.

The Walking Dead Season 11
Image: AMC

So we can infer from this that the new leader will come out, and they will take over the survivors of the last part. But it is quite for sure that Leah will lead her family in Part 2 of The Walking Dead season 11.

In 2010 The Walking Dead was introduced on AMC, based on The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. It’s a horror TV Series that has been popular since 2010, and many people around the globe enjoy it. The fans are waiting for its new upcoming part 2 and are zealous about what will happen next in this zombie apocalypse.

When will it release?

It was posted on Instagram officially that the second part of The Walking Dead season 11 will be released on February 20, 2022. Along with this, the AMC also announced that it is possible that the final episode of this popular and not-boring series could air sometime after the due date.

Moreover, the AMC also said that part 2 will be consist of 8 episodes and will be available exclusively on AMC. The starting episode will be aired on February 13.

So the fans have to wait a bit longer for part 2 of season 11.

Who will be the part of the cast

Norman Reedus will be Daryl Dixon
Christian Serratos will be Rosita Espinosa Lauren Cohan as Maggie Green
Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier
Josh McDermitt as Eugene Porter
Mary Payton
Seth Gilliam
Callan McAuliffe
Ross Marquand
Cooper Andrews
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Pamela Milton
Laila Robins

The plot of Part 2 of The Walking Dead season 11

As Leah killed the pope and has become the group leader, and now onward in the plot, she will lead. Part 2 will have the survivors who will drive back the Walkers as shown to the Meridian. When Daryl swore allegiance to Maggie, Leah refused, remaining loyal to her Reapers family.

In addition to this, the future installment will have scenes of fighting our heroes with approaching hellfire under the attack of Reapers. It’s going to be exciting! What do you think?

We will also watch other fighters who will fight in Alexandria the wrath of Mother Nature.

Moreover, under the leadership of Leah, we would see in part 2 that the reapers are going to engage in the bigger and devastating war as we have seen in the last episode of this season that Leah has set a new resistance against all those who would have all owned by them.

In the last episode, we also see that Leah used an ancient weapon against her foes.

In this part, the survivors will start questioning their choices, suggesting that a devastating and big battle is coming close.

Along with all these incidents, the new Governor of the commonwealth-Miss Pamela Milton, is introduced. She will play an important role in the upcoming part of season 11.

No matter how much time part 2 takes for its release, it is quite sure that it is worth waiting, and we have to wait for a bit longer.

Although no title has been declared officially up to now, it is clear that it will take more than the expected time. Soon, we will have all bout Part 2 of season 11.