You Season 4: When is the Season 4 coming to Netflix


The fans have already watched the Netflix You Season 3 in October 2021, but they have become curious about You season 4 and are waiting for it in the next year, 2022. A season like You is not a simple task to be fulfilled and made very quickly, and it takes a lot of time.

Although, Before the end of the You season 3, Netflix has made changes in season 4, You season 4 is trending. Moreover, the ambiguity has been taken away from the fans’ minds about the continuation or end of the series. We can now watch season 3 with full peace of mind because we know it can’t end rather continue.

However, the fans are not that curious and careful because YOU were the No.1 Netflix show for three weeks after the release date of season 3, although the response is good.

You Season 4 Release Date

Henceforth, is 2022 going to be the release year of You season 4 on Netflix? Shall we wait for You for season 4 a bit longer? Because the situation is not like so.

The previous season 3 took almost two years to release, and the main factor was the COVID-19. If there were no such thing as the Corona pandemic, it would have been released much before October 2021, but it was delayed and took a lot of time.

You is a very different kind of season from all other seasons because it changes its casts and locations in each season, and the fans have to wait for a long time for season 4. It is a complex process that involves decisions regarding casting and locations, and it is impossible to do it in a very short period. So we have to plan for a big wait.

In addition to this, the current situation suggests that You season 4 is coming in 2022.

Has the Production Already Started?

The production process has not yet started on You season 4, and we can say that it may begin at the beginning of 2022. We hope that if the production starts in the spring of 2022, it will be released in the fall of 2022 on Netflix. But actually, the production process is not going to be created this year.

That is why, keeping in view those hurdles, I anticipate that it may release in November 2022, and it’s getting near. However, the expected dates are in November and December 2022.

So if it happens so, then the You season 4 would be the best Netflix show in the year 2022. It will surpass all the dominant performances of that time.

However, it is quite straightforward that You season 4 will come in 2022 according to the current conditions. Still, there is also the chance of delay in the production process or something else, then it will be released in spring 2023, but one should be optimistic about, and that’s we are.