Bitcoin’s latest nudge upward has many people excited about cryptocurrency once more. It now sits at $66K per coin after climbing 3%. The currency at its highs passed $66,900 and topped an earlier intraday record set in mid-April when it reached $64,899 BTC per trading unit.

Bitcoin prices have skyrocketed 50% this month, from just under $44k at the end of September.

On Wednesday morning, investors woke up to the news that bitcoin had gained 3% in value. Although many people criticized Jamie Dimon’s recent comments on cryptocurrency as he considers JPM a competitor for market share and profit margins. Those who invested early enjoyed big profits from this new ETF which will likely continue growing at an accelerated rate due to its low fees.

BitCoin Current Market Status

Bitcoin has been the coin that started it all. However, with its rocky few months behind us, Bitcoin is poised to experience some remarkable value increases over time and years ahead – setting itself up as a top-tier cryptocurrency in this rapidly growing market space.

As the price of bitcoin continues to skyrocket, it has become clear that cryptocurrency is quickly becoming mainstream with a Market Cap at $210 trillion and trading for 64K bitcoins currently on exchanges.


It’s trending no one among all cryptocurrencies, meaning that more people are investing than ever before because of their confidence in bitcoin’s future value. As a result, they also get exciting opportunities like never seen anywhere else. As a result, the recent trading activity has been close to 60%, with almost half of investors buying coins.

BTC Trading View

Bitcoin BTC Price Prediction 2021

The price of Bitcoin has exploded to $64,387.50 recently, and investors are anxiously awaiting its next rally as it strides towards $70K after having started the year at $12k.

The price of Bitcoin could reach an all-time high by the end of 2021, potentially pushing its value up to $70K. For these predictions to come true, it is essential for there first to be some correction before finally reaching the said goal, though don’t count this prediction out just yet.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2022 – 2025

Bitcoin is inching towards the $100,000 mark. Will it be able to repeat its success and gain another 50% within a year? Experts have analyzed the volatility of bitcoin. Bitcoin has the potential to go higher than $100,000.

Nigel Frith of said it is “plausible” that bitcoin prices could surpass this value and reach up to six figures in two years.

“Bitcoin is unpredictable, but it is predict that it will be worth $100k by 2023.”
The price of bitcoin has been rising and falling over the years. No one can say for sure when its value will remain high or low. However, analysts believe this cycle could lead to significant gains reaching close to 100 thousand dollars as early as 2023.

In addition, Forbes‘ recent article on Bitcoin projection suggested that the digital currency could see over $300,000 by 2025. Although this is a possibility, we believe it may be slower than its upwards trajectory.


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