After a ton of new information was revealed about The Dragon Prince Season 4 at Comic-Con in San Diego Thursday, it’s time to get excited!

We’re still waiting for The Dragon Prince’s fourth season! Netflix originally announced the show in November of 2019, and yes the wait is finally over, we could see the season 4 very soon.

The Dragon Prince fans have been waiting for months to find out about the fourth season. Netflix’s family-friendly fantasy series has developed an avid following that adores its robust world-building, diverse cast, and thrilling twists.

Since the series finale in November 2019, audiences have been left waiting for any news on season four. As a result, the Dragon Prince’s production was impacted by COVID-19 in a significant way.

In January 2021, producers acknowledged that while the pandemic had delayed filming “at every level,” they expected to be challenged with this issue for some time yet because it is such an unusual occurrence.

Is The Dragon Prince Season 4 coming to Netflix?

The eagerly awaited return of the hit series is almost here! The first poster has just been released, and it’s as gorgeous as ever. However, The waiting is almost over for season four of The Dragon Prince! It will be released on Netflix this November.

There is no confirmed release date for the fourth season of The Dragon Prince. Fans are eagerly awaiting when they can see this fantastic adventure come to fruition. There’s not much to wait for with this exciting news, as the next season of Dragon Prince is just around the corner.


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