The finale to “Fear The Walking Dead” season 6 turns into a nuclear nightmare. As Morgan and his group try to survive, they come face-to-face with the high risk that their lives could now only last minutes instead of months or years.

The world has changed. The danger is accurate, and so are our hero’s struggles to survive in this new landscape. Where gas masks represent protection against dangerous chemicals that would kill without fail if inhaled or ingested- like how radiation does now on Fear the Walking Dead season 7 premiering soon.

Gas masks, bodies charred from the nuclear fallout, and a madman’s meltdown at the end of season 6. The horrific images that played out on our screens during last night’s premiere have left us with many questions. What will happen next?

Who is new in the Cast?

Fear The Walking Dead is getting a new cast member. Aisha Tyler will be playing a role in the series. Aisha has already made her mark on one of the season 6 episodes as director.

The trailer hints all the big names will return, including Lennie James as Morgan Jones and Karen David. Furthermore, Colman Domingo as Victor Strand and Maggie Grace will reprise his role as Althea. Keith Carradine also returns in a role as John Dorie Sr.

When will Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere?

Remember when there were only six seasons of Fear the Walking Dead? Now, they’re back with another. And this time around, it sit’s even more terrifying than before.

The new season will premiere at 9 p.m ET on October 17th on AMC. Someone who wishes to stream it online can also watch it online via AMC+.

What’s Coming in Fear The Walking Dead Season 7?

The show has been about a lot of things with deep and layered stories. But right now, it’s mainly concerned with survival in an uncertain new world. In the wake of devastating events, Morgan and Grace are still alive to fight another day.

The last six seasons have seen many changes, but right now, it’s all about surviving in this new world without zombies. Back in the Season 6 finale Morgan Jones and Grace Mukherjee nearly to commit suicide.

The pair seem to have a new lease on life after hearing the voice of an un-zombified baby who Rachel tugs along. However, they must now fight for survival against Victor and his group.

The trailer for season 7 of ”Fear The Walking Dead” shows us what might happen when Morgan, Grace, and baby Moryn move back home. Unfortunately, the attempt at safety might bring them closer than they know to an even more dangerous situation. The blast of the nuclear bomb is what Victor sees as his chance to get Morgan out from under him and finally take control.

The new season of Fear the Walking Dead is going to be unlike any other. While it’s not a total reboot, Season 7 promises to bring in some significant changes that will upend long-time fans’ expectations for how this show works and what they know as the truth about FTWD lore.

The survivors are about to enter uncharted territory as they try to deal with the nuclear nightmare. The season premiere will show us just how much Teddy’s episodes have changed Texas, and it is safe to say that everything else has been touched too.

Ian B. Goldberg has confirmed that nuclear warheads will be introduced into the show, changing walkers and survivors alike. The air outside is not breathable, so they have to wear gas masks. Resources are scarce, and it becomes difficult for them to stay united with such challenges holding back their unity.


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