Shiba Inu NFT News: Shiba NFT Card Collection arrived on OpenSea


It has been an exciting ride leading up to the weekend for nearly all cryptocurrency markets. The positive momentum is turning slightly bearish, but the uptrend remains in place this week so far as Shiba Inu can see it with some unexpected developments behind the scenes.

Many people have wondered if Shiba Inu will follow suit in the wake of a recent run-up in cryptocurrency prices. So far this week, they appear to be bouncing back but still facing some pressure from bears who believe it’s only temporary and that another correction is right around the corner.

Shiba Inu Coin has been able to maintain over 600 million dollars in daily trading volume with relative ease. Their native deck, Shiba Swap, is far less of a contributing factor than some people may expect. Instead of Hotbit (a crypto exchange), Binance and HitBTC specialize mainly in bitcoin trades but offer altcoin markets.

Shiba Inu NFT news

Shiba Inu NFT has arrived on Opensea, and it is lovely to see community members helping themselves by creating non-fungible tokens for their favourite cryptocurrency.

Of course, in some cases, that process will work better than others.
For Shiba Inu, there is now a crypto card, the Shiba NFT Card Collection on OpenSea, with 25 total cards available for free but only if they are worth paying.

Shiba Hodler Card; OpenSea

Shiba Inu KriptoKards

Shiba Card Collection was sold two times in the last seven days, totalling $136.28 and an average price of $68 per card.

What is NFT?

A Non-fungible token, or NFT for short, can be considered a unique item that cannot have its value replaced by something else. For example, A bitcoin is fungible – it’s interchangeable with another bitcoin. You will always receive the same amount of bitcoins when you trade one coin for another at any point in time.

How NFT Digital Artworks?

The possibilities are endless with NFT digital cards. You can trade them, sell them for profit or collect and store them away until needed.

Can we make money with Shiba KriptoKards?

Think of one way to relist your card if you buy Shiba KriptoKards. You could wait until they are all sold out and determine the market yourself. OR you could relist it within the next price bracket to make some money.

A Reddit user sold one of their cards for $75, and then it went on to be bought by another buyer, who ended up selling the same card for over 450 bucks.

Does NFTs value rise?

An NFT is a type of crypto asset that functions much like any other speculative investment. It can be bought and sold but does not have an intrinsic value because it relies on others to decide how valuable each token in the network will become.

Where you buy it and hope that its value goes up one day, the key difference with these coins is their permanence. Instead of simply holding onto them until they’re worth more than what was paid for them.


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