Netflix is making a big push into video games with three new titles aimed at casual audiences. However, most people around the world still have not been able to try out this service yet. In just a few months, Netflix has announced their intentions to offer games as part of the subscription.

Netflix subscribers in Spain, Italy and Poland have the opportunity to try three new games today. These include Shooting Hoops (a hoops-based tournament), Teeter Up (where players balance on an unstable surface) Card Blast, which involves strategically placing cards into matching holes as quickly as possible. In addition, Netflix has a new tab for gamers in the app, but it only appears on Android devices.

Netflix Users won’t have to pay an extra fee for access, and they can play the newly added titles without ads or purchases. In addition, Netflix is getting in on the action with some tie-in promotions and ads. Recently, they announced that for everything from Oculus VR to PC gamers on Steam, this experience would be built directly into their app.

This summer, Netflix said it was time to learn more about how their members value games. This project will be in its experimental phase for the streaming giant and lead them down an exciting new path with unimaginable possibilities.

The streaming Gaint hasn’t revealed anything about its plan for the US. However, we might have some good news for other regions as well.


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