Nintendo Direct Coming Sep 23, Final Smash DLC is likely to be announced


Nintendo will hold Nintendo Direct broadcast on Thursday, Sept. 23 where the company plans to reveal some interesting details about upcoming games for its popular Switch consoles. The Livestream was announced through Twitter.

The presentation will air at 3 pm Pacific / 6 pm Eastern (that’s September 24th) and focus on Nintendo Switch software coming this winter. Viewers can watch the Nintendo Direct stream live on Nintendo’s YouTube Channel as well Twitch channel.

Nintendo has a huge lineup of games coming this fall, with the most anticipated being Metroid Dread (coming soon) and Splatoon 3. But they also have highly anticipated updates planned for already released titles such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons which fans are hungry for more content about it from Nintendo or Super Smash Bros (Smash DLC).

Nintendo is rolling out new offerings for Nintendo Switch Online. In addition to NES and Super NES games, it looks like we’ll soon be able to enjoy our favourite Game Boy Advance or even classic Nintendo 64 titles through their online subscription service.

Furthermore, Nintendo is getting ready to release some awesome new hardware. The Switch, which features an OLED screen and will be available on October 8th, has been met with great success in the market so far! In November gamers can also look forward to a Game & Watch handheld carrying on Zelda’s35-year anniversary celebrations.