Google will be debuting its ‘Live Translate’ feature with the Pixel 6 lineup


Google has announced that it will be merging the Lens, Translate and Assistant features with Live Caption in one centralized unit to create what’s known as “Live Translate”. The new Live Translate will make its debut with the Pixel 6 lineup in October, and we finally get a look at how it works.

XDA developers revealed an exclusive first look at Live Translate through screenshots of the feature on Google Pixel 6 Pro.

Google Live Translate Feature

The screenshots show how it can translate text messages and other things in real-time. Live Translate is a new feature that Google confirmed for its Pixel 6 launch last month.

The new feature is an offline function built into the Tensor chip on the Pixel 6. It appears to be inaccessible from existing phones but may only work with one or both models of this year’s phone line up which will launch in October.

Live Translate is a great way to make chatting with friends in other countries easy and fun! You can use this feature when you receive messages from people that speak foreign languages.

It will automatically detect what language they are using. Then pop up an open box at the bottom of your screen where many translations could appear instantly without having any knowledge about them beforehand. Saving time while still getting accurate information as quickly as possible.

In addition, If you select “Translate all messages in this chat,” then they will be able to convert conversations without having sent any data over Google. The camera’s text translation via the viewfinder is pretty self-explanatory.

You can venture into the Google Camera app, popping up suggestions whenever it detects text in another language. Which will be based on what they have available through “Google Lens”.

This Google Translation is a new feature that combines the best translation tools from Google, Gboard and Assistant. It also enables all these features to work without an active internet connection so you can communicate even when it’s not available.


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