Horizon Forbidden West Free Upgrade: What the PS4 owners could expect


Sony is offering a free upgrade for PS4 owners, which means now’s the time to save on upgrading. The price difference between consoles has never been so slight. In addition, Sony announced that its new game, the hotly anticipated sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn called Horizon Forbidden West, would be available for pre-order ahead of its February 2022 release date.

After all this time waiting for the next generation, it was bound to be Sony that would disappoint us with their first exclusive without a PS4-toPS5 upgrade path. The $80 Digital Deluxe Edition is tempting, though – no one wants another game they can’t play because of hardware limitations.

Sony has since reversed its decision to make the PS5 version of this game less sensible.

The two versions of this game are priced differently, making sense because one is for current generation consoles, and the other is for the next-gen. The PS4 version retails at $60, while the PS5 version is for $70. However, the Ps4 to PS5 of the old gen version upgrade will be free.

It’s true that with the PS4 version and its free upgrade, you are getting Horizon Forbidden West for two consoles. But what if we compare it to buying an entirely new copy of just Forbidden West? You’ll end up spending more money in this case.

This also applies to the next God of War, Gran Turismo 7, and any other exclusive games published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Furthermore, Sony said that you need a PS5 with a disc drive to upgrade an eligible game on the disc.