Pokemon Go Type Chart: Know all about Pokemon Weakness and Strengths


Since the inception of all core Pokémon games, people have been using type charts to determine which creatures are strong against other types.

“What is this? A type chart for my favorite fighting game?” You might be wondering if you’re not familiar with these handy little sheets that can tell us what kinds of Pokemon we should take on next based on their Movesets and attacks alone.

Pokémon Go is one of the most popular games recently, with over 50 million copies sold since its release. Like other Pokémon titles before it, this augmented reality phenomenon features many different types with strengths and weaknesses, just like any other monster-catching experience would require you to exploit them strategically so they can’t take down your team.

If you’re looking to take down the competition, then Pokémon types will determine whether one of your opponent’s Pokemon is strong or weak. If they have a super-effective variety against yours and vice versa – like water vs grass, for example – then those weaknesses could become an opportunity instead!

Players who are new to the series might find it overwhelming, but those with experience will be able to get a handle on things quickly. The Type chart is similar enough that veterans can use it as an extra reference point or primer for newcomers looking at types and weaknesses in battle strategy.

A good way of explaining how type effects work would be like this: “If you have water Pokémon against fire opponents, then their attacks do less damage because ‘Water Weakness.'” You’ll also want some protection if they’re strong flyers since Ground doesn’t always cover every possible move-set! There

Not sure what Pokémon type you need to catch? Let us break it down for you with the help of this article.

Pokemon Weakness Chart

The type matchups in Pokémon Go are precisely the same as those of main series games, but one has a slight twist.

One of the most well-known aspects of Pokémon is that each type has its own set of Pokemon weakness and strengths. For example, bug types are weak against fire-, flying-, rock-based attacks; however, they’re strong in specific areas such as water or grass where their foes will find it much more challenging to retaliate with an attack that can hit back.

Pokemon Go Types

  • Normal
  • Poison
  • Psychic
  • Grass 
  • Ground
  • Ice
  • Fire
  • Rock
  • Dragon
  • Water
  • Bug
  • Dark
  • Fighting
  • Ghost
  • Steel
  • Flying
  • Electric
  • Fairy

Below is a Pokémon Go type chart to help you decide which attacks are most effective against certain Pokemon.

TypesStrong AgainstWeakness
Normal NoneFighting
Poison Grass, FairyPsychic, Ground
Psychic Poison, FightingBug, Ghost, Dark
Grass  Water, Rock, GroundFire, Bug, Flying, Ice, Poison
Ground Fire, Electric, Rock, Poison, SteelIce, Water, Grass
IceGround, Grass, Flying, DragonFire, Fighting, Rock, Steel
FireSteel, Ice, Grass, BugRock, Water, Ground
RockIce, Fire, Flying, BugGrass, Ground, Steel, Water, Fighting
DragonDragonIce, Fairy, Dragon
WaterGround, Fire, RockGrass, Electric
BugPsychic, Dark, GrassFlying, Rock, Fire
DarkPsychic, GhostFairy, Fighting, Bug
FightingIce, Normal, Dark, Rock, SteelFlying, Fairy, Psychic
GhostPsychic, GhostGhost, Dark
SteelIce, Rock, FairyGround, Fighting, Fire
FlyingGrass, Fighting, BugIce, Rock, Electric
ElectricWater, FlyingGround
FairyDragon, Dark, FightingSteel, Poison

Pokemon Weakness and Strengths

Some Pokémon can have two types, which means they will take double damage or be weak against an attack that matches their other attribute.

In addition, Rayquaza, a dragon- and flying type, is weak against the ice prowess of Shuckle. But on their side, they are strong because it takes four times as much damage from this specific move type!

Pokemon’s Strengths and weaknesses can be both the same as well. For example, though fire-type moves deal minor damage to water Pokémon. They do double with a particular type of attack known as “burn”, which means that it will never miss its mark.

Furthermore, Fighting-types are strong against standard types, but they do regular damage to them. However, against fighting-type attacks, the opponent takes less of a beating and is weaker than expected.

If you are Learning what Pokémon’s weaknesses and strengths is an integral part of battling. To do the most damage you can, make sure your moves counter theirs.