An NFT Game known as Epic Hero Battles was barely making to shift 10,000th of randomly generated heroes from a game known as Wildfire. Still, they wiped themselves off the internet after indie developer Dan Hindes accused them of stealing art from his game.

This game is called Epic Hero Battles, and it’s “blockchain-based.” The idea behind this particular type of crypto collectible (or token) was to sell 10,000 NFTs that consist of a randomly generated hero with their pet. You can then put these two characters into battle for prizes or more tokens.

The latest crypto game, Epic Hero Battles, is currently under development and offers NFTs for sale in its planned hero-battling duels. However, Hindes quickly noticed that the key art used on their site was exactly similar to another game he worked on.

Hindes Wrote,

“Love to see the thing you’ve put the singular most amount of effort into in your life get appropriated for a tech bro-born planet-destroying pyramid scheme.”

In response to the developer’s mistake, they said it was an honest oversight and wouldn’t happen again. However, EHB—a video game developer known primarily by those who follow pixel art on social media sites such as Twitter or Kotaku.

Which was recently alerted after its development roadmap surfaced online with pictures ripped directly from another artist’s portfolio page. The company quickly deleted all assets found within Epic Hero Battles’ website before taking down the Twitter account entirely.

Despite their best efforts, the artists of Epic Hero Battles found themselves caught up in a web that seemed to have no end. All across social media and via online channels were comments blaming them for starting this mess- especially when more artwork was discovered on Wildfire’s website after stolen assets.

With the recent theft allegations against them, Epic Hero Battles have taken a firm stand and deleted their social media account (Twitter). Their website still hosts game content, but it’s been left without any art since that is what was stolen.


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