Messenger is a Facebook-owned messaging app that was created in 2011. Since the release of this new service, it has quickly become one of the most popular apps on mobile devices – mainly because you can talk via direct messages or share videos and images with friends at any time if needed, all within seconds.

It is quite an exciting application that offers many great features, just like WhatsApp & Skype, etc. Still, as per this error message, you may get curious about why it says, This Person is unavailable on Messenger? If that’s the case and you’re getting this error message when trying to chat with one of your friends or family members, then here’s how you fix it!

What it means: This person is unavailable on Messenger

  • When you get this kind of message, it can be a little frustrating that your favorite person might not be able to chat with you on Messenger. There can be several reasons why this may occur and how to fix it:
  • One of the main reasons could be, they have blocked you, either you blocked them. This is why you can’t reach the person on Messenger.
  • Another reason for being unavailable is that the person might deactivate their Facebook account, so on Messenger, it’s shown as ‘the person is unavailable’.
  • The third reason is, Facebook might disable his account due to privacy violations. Following that, the person is unavailable to be shown on Messenger as well.
  • Furthermore, the person you are looking for might not have installed the Facebook messenger app on their phone. So, in that case, it is also showing as ‘The Person is Unavailable‘.
  • The above reasons could be the possible reason for a person being unavailable on Messenger.

How to resolve, if a Person is not Available on Messenger

When someone blocks you on Facebook messenger, it’s pretty straightforward to get you unblocked. But, of course, the first thing that needs to be done for this process work is convincing the person blocking your access to chat with or making a new account altogether so things can go more smoothly.

It sounds like you might have an issue with your account’s login. You can try to fix the problem by logging out of Messenger, uninstalling, and reinstalling it on a new device.


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