Gears of War 6 leak has been discovered in Nvidia GeForce Now database

The unannounced next title to Gears of War 5 may be “Gears 6” might be in development. The latest leak from Nvidia servers suggests that Gears of War 6 may be coming sooner than we think. The Nvidia Leak’s recent incident with information on potential releases and such games as one, we can expect it to have an exciting tone.

However, these Xbox Game Studios’ unannounced projects have been discovered on the NVIDIA GeForce Now database, providing us an insight into upcoming Microsoft-published titles.

The release of the database has caused a stir in the gaming world. The documents contain information about games that are under development, including some by major third-party studios.

The database entries revealed that Gears of War 6, the next game from Microsoft’s acclaimed franchise, is in development. In addition, the Vancouver-based studio and caretaker for all things Gears is expected to be working on a brand new installment.

The recent Gears 5 release has been about two years since there were any updates from this title, and gamers are looking forward to hearing more information soon. It was disappointing when they announced that no new announcements would be coming out regarding game releases at E3 2021; however, an earlier leak may indicate something different is on its way!

Some people might be wondering what this means for PC gamers. Well, it’s best to think of GeForce Now as a service that provides access to high-quality gaming on the go with no downloads or installation needed!

Of course, the games will stream directly from their servers, so there is no guarantee if these titles ever come out for your regular computer desktop system. Still, at least you’ll have an opportunity in the foreseeable future since they’re just playing them back live right now anyways.

It sounds like we’ll finally be getting our hands on the next installment in this long-awaited series. Unfortunately, however, Microsoft hasn’t announced anything yet regarding Gears of War 6.

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