Dying Light 2 delayed Once again until 2022


Techland announced that the hotly anticipated game Dying Light 2: Stay Human will be released on February 2022 instead of its original date this coming fall.

The game was already previously delayed from the original early 2020 window given at E3 2018. The game will be released for PlayStation, PC, and Xbox as well.
The developers behind this new game are not one to make the same mistake twice.

They seem especially mindful of their mistakes when compared with other recent high-profile delays in gaming – so much so that you can even say these guys have a thing for avoiding trouble altogether. Hopefully, this extra time will help the studio add any finishing touches.

Techland developers wrote,

“We are sorry to keep you all waiting a little longer, but we want the game to meet your highest expectations on release, and we don’t want to compromise on this.”

“However, you won’t have to wait too long to get a deeper look at Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Next month, both press and content creators will get hands-on PC and console versions of the game during the upcoming series of preview events worldwide. They will be able to share their experiences of the City with you”.

With the return of the day-night cycle and parkour-inspired traversal, players will be able to explore their world in Dying Light 2. New protagonist Aiden Caldwell hails from a group known as Nightrunners who are fighting for survival against hordes of zombies while also managing relationships with other survivors.

Dying Light 2 is coming to all major platforms such as PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC next year in February 2022.