SpaceX is targeting a September 13 launch for his latest venture, Starlink. The company’s mission statement promises “to provide low cost and high-quality satellite internet services.

Elon Must Stated, “These are V1.5 Starlinks with laser inter-satellite links, which are needed for high latitudes & mid-ocean coverage”.

SpaceX has been working for over a long time on the planning, and production, of their Starlink satellite internet. It’s interesting that Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX believes his new Starlink satellite service will have low latency. It could be as close to 5G or Fiber speeds while still maintaining an average 20ms response time for online gaming sessions.

The Starlink Internet Network could generate almost $30 billion in revenue when it is fully operational globally. However, the total investment comes out at just over 20 billion dollars.

SpaceX is one step closer to giving us all access to high-speed wifi wherever we go with this new project! However, the final movement has come.

SpaceX has already shipped 100,000 user terminals to customers in 15 countries as they continue refining network operations.


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