Apple is adding new features to iCloud this fall that might be the most interesting one being called Private Relay. Apple’s new Private Relay service offers internet users a simple and easy way to stay secure online. The VPN-like feature is not intended as full-fledge protection, but it will definitely increase security slightly rather than no added security at all.

All it can do is to protect you from ISPs (Internet Service Provider) tracking what content you are browsing or where that website IP address is located during an online session.

Apple has introduced Private Relay as part of iCloud+, its premium cloud storage service, which prevents third-party tracking by routing internet requests through two separate relays operated by two different entities.

The new iCloud Private Relay feature will route internet requests through two separate entities, allowing users to remain anonymous from the notorious data collectors.

Once users upgrade to iOS 15 on their devices when it releases, Users must manually activate it. As an extra layer of security, the system is designed to add HTTP traffic for Safari web browser and DNS resolution queries.

Third-party browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox do not benefit from this feature.

The feature will allow you to navigate through your system settings and enable it on iOS 15 or iPadOS 15, which are both expected to come out this week at the September launch event. Furthermore, macOS Monterey is also scheduled for the month.


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