Microsoft Surface Go 3 might come with a better processor this year, as the company is expected to choose quad-core 10th Gen Intel. The rumored Microsoft Surface 3 may not look too different from its predecessor but will have higher performance.

On September 22, Microsoft will host a Surface hardware event in which it is expected to unveil several new devices. It will be held at 11 am ET (8:30 pm IST). It’s rumored that the Surface Go 3 will have a similar design to its predecessor but see an upgrade in specifications. It is expected to continue using Intel chips and not switch from ARM.

Now, new rumors are suggesting that the Surface Go 3 will have an upgrade in performance over its predecessor. Sources claimed that the Surface Go 3 will be powered by a quad-core Intel Core i3 chip along with 8GB of RAM.

Which could deliver a marked increase from what was found on earlier devices with increased memory capabilities as well. Microsoft might be working on two new Surface Go 3 models, and it’s expected to use an Intel chip for both.

The Surface Go 3 is expected to have a 10.5-inch full HD display, same as its predecessor with magnesium alloy build just like previous generations of the device.

It will come equipped with an adjustable kickstand that allows users to adjust their screen angle according to the preference for optimum viewing experience and comfortability when typing on the touchscreen keyboard or reading documents/books/magazines etc…

Microsoft is expected to introduce several Surface devices on September 22, including the rumored successor of its foldable laptop Surface Duo. An unannounced device named “Surface Duo 2” might see an unveiling at Microsoft’s upcoming event.


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