Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Stock last week’s loss: Could it reach the expectations?


The price of Advanced Micro Devices fluctuates every week. Last Tuesday, the AMD Stock was $109.32 to rise as high as $110.74 in two hours before dropping by 2%. It is now open at $109.15 and analysts predict that next year will be a profitable one for the business with estimated earnings per share of between 3 dollars and 31 dollars.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Stock announced a 99.3% rise in revenue for the quarter, as well as significant earnings per share growth of 39%. The company is on track to reach analysts’ quarterly expectations.

AMD Future Predictions

The competition between AMD and Intel has been heating up in recent years as both companies have pulled away customers from each other. However, the return of shortages for Intel is making its road to success bumpy while AMD could become more valuable than Intel by 2025 if their turnaround plans fail.

In the third quarter of 2016, Intel controlled 82.5% of the global CPU market with AMD holding 17.5%, according to PassMark Software’s report on CPUs worldwide sales and shipments data during that time period.

In the next two years, analysts expect AMD to grow faster than Intel with a strong chance of their growth accelerating and double in value. but it’s possible if Intel successfully turns around its business then their share prices could rise dramatically.

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