Far Cry 6 PC trailer revealed a bunch of new features


Ubisoft has revealed that Far Cry 6 on PC will feature uncapped frame rates and smooth performance. According to Ubisoft, the company is looking to deliver the best possible experience for high-end PCs in order to make it “more immersive and beautiful than ever so that players can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay.

The developers also mentioned that the extended graphics settings, such as Ray Traced Reflections and Shadows, as well as support for ultra-wide screens which will give the player a better visual experience. Ubisoft Kyiv has revealed that players who want the best experience will be able to download an HD texture pack.

Far Cry 6 has two high-tech features that players can test with its built-in benchmark tool. One is Ray Tracing, which will be coming to Far Cry on all platforms courtesy of NVIDIA’s new RTX technology.

The other feature is AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution Technology, a custom shader anti-aliasing technique used by the game developers themselves for 4K resolution support and beyond without sacrificing performance or visual fidelity.

Players looking to get the most out of their Far Cry 6 experience will be able to customize settings like frame rate, resolution, and field-of-view (FOV), in order to optimize gameplay.

In the newly released Far Cry 6 trailer, it’s been revealed that the players can take in-game shots and make them look like real photos thanks to a number of different styles available.

This includes character poses (standing or sitting), weather presets such as sunsets, cloudy days, etc., logos that will show up on the screen when taking pictures along with many other options.

The latest installment of the Far Cry series is set to launch on October 7. Which will be released on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.