Netflix Money Heist Season 5 Episodes has finally been released


The long-awaited 5th season of the popular Spanish Netflix series, Money Heist is released today. The 4th season ended with Alicia Sierra exposing how Rio was treated by authorities after being arrested in Season 4 of ‘Money Heist.’

About to be discovered as a traitor, Sierra struggles with giving birth while still in hiding. Meanwhile, the group inside the bank has devised a plan for dealing with soldiers outside.

Professor encourages her not to resist assistance or she will lose her baby – and they successfully deliver their new child at an abandoned warehouse before army troops fire on them again near the episode’s end.

Netflix Money Heist Season 5 Episodes

The titles of the ten episodes in Money Heist Season 5 are listed below. Volume 1 consists of five episodes with the following names: *The End of The Road is the title for Episode one. Do You Believe In Reincarnation? is episode two. Welcome to The Show Of Life, as part 3. Your Place in Heaven is titled as number 4, and finally, Live Many Lives comes out on volume 5. There have not been any releases or leaks about what’s going to happen next so we’ll just have to wait until it airs!

Watch Money Heist Season 5 Episodes

On September 3rd Netflix has released the most awaited Spanish TV series. You can watch all the Netflix money heist season 5 episodes on the subscription-based platform known as Netflix.