Dying Light: Platinum Edition is making its way to Nintendo Switch


Dying Light is a zombie game unlike any other. It’s been confirmed that DL: Platinum Edition will be making its debut on Nintendo Switch, bringing the unique mix of open-world parkour and relentless undead to a handheld for the first time.

Dying Light: Platinum Edition, the zombie action game from developer Techland, will soon be coming to Nintendo Switch. The announcement was made during a Gamescom 2021 edition of Dying Light 2.

However, according to leaks, the Switch version of the Platinum Edition would have all four DLC expansions, seventeen skin bundles, including other features like gyro aiming motion controls. Despite this, there isn’t any information regarding the upcoming title Dying Light 2 whether it is also coming for this edition or not.

DL: Platinum Edition for the Nintendo Switch is sure to please both new and old fans alike, as they’ll finally get their hands on an experience that has already sold millions across PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and other platforms.: The world below crawls in search of its next meal…

The Platinum Edition has over 100 hours of gameplay. More details are yet to be announced, whilst the platinum edition comes with a survival guide booklet, stickers, and map.

Moreover, The Platinum Edition is the only Edition Switch players will be able to experience action-packed zombie survival games. However, Dying Light 2 won’t be coming to Nintendo Switch.