GTA Remastered Trilogy could release for consoles soon


GTA fans have another reason to rejoice as rumors circulate about a GTA 3D Universe trilogy remaster. Rockstar Games is reportedly planning to remaster three classic titles in the Grand Theft Auto series. The game will be released later this year for multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch.

Fans are excited for the possibility of a Grand Theft Auto trilogy remaster, which may be released next year for PC.

A grand theft auto trilogy remastered is something that fans have been hoping to see for a while now and it seems like this might finally become true.

Will the Remastered Trilogy be better than GTA 5

GTA 5 was a step forward for the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Rockstar increased its scale since GTA 4, which turned out to be an enormous success. The game’s multiplayer component, GTA Online, also became hugely successful. Although it took years before becoming profitable in terms of income generation.

In a world where Rockstar was known for increasing the freedom of gameplay with each release, Grand Theft Auto V did quite the opposite. Fans felt that it wasn’t just about nostalgia and compared GTAV to previous games like San Andreas or Vice City.

They thought that in comparison, there were fewer opportunities for creative exploration through side quests as well as fewer diverging paths during main story missions than ever before

Fans who enjoyed prior games by Rockstar often had high expectations going into their most recent releases such as Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V).

When they played this new version alongside earlier 3D Universe titles including “San Andreas” and “Vice City”. They noticed how much more restrictive gameplay seemed when comparing both series’ newest editions.

GTA Remastered on Nintendo Switch

Rumors are circulating about a Grand Theft Auto trilogy remastered for multiple platforms, to be released this Fall. The Nintendo Switch is one of the many supported devices which will have access to it according to reports from industry insiders and leaks by video game journalists.

According to Kotaku, Rockstar Games is remastering GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas in Unreal Engine. The games will feature a mix of old graphics with updated visuals.

These remaster of the original 3 GTA games were originally going to come packaged with the next-gen ports of Grand Theft Auto 5. And online as a bonus but plans changed.

The trilogy was then converted into its own standalone package set for release this year around late October or early November. It will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 PC Stadia mobile devices & Nintendo Switch.

GTA Remastered Trilogy Release date

Kotaku reports that the launch is planned “around late October or early November,” while Henderson seems to think we’ll be waiting a few more months. Kotaku’s report states that Rockstar’s focus is on the console ports. Which could mean mobile and PC versions are pushed to 2022. While PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch releases arrive this Fall.