YouTube unveiled video chapters whilst searching


The video-sharing platform has unveiled yet another cool feature for finding the exact part in the video. To recall, there’s always been a chapter part in the YouTube videos, but one can only find it after clicking on that particular video.

From now, the video uploading giant has made this feature easier to access for the users. According to the company’s blog, it will introduce an extra feature or tool for the chapter videos that you can see while searching. In simple words, now you’ll don’t need to click on the video for watching the specific part of the video.

As we all know, there’re unlimited videos available on YouTube, almost on all topics and sometimes you only need to watch the specific part of the content for your information. For example, sometimes you don’t need to see the full video; therefore, you want to switch to the important part of the video. Here, the upcoming video chapter feature from YouTube is really helpful.

The video chapter is probably the most awaited as well as the significant tool, according to the USA-owned company. It will enhance the search experience of the users by giving insight into the video. The users can directly go to their desired portion of the video by using chapter videos.

Unfortunately, the video giant didn’t confirm whether this significant tool will come to your mobile or desktop, or maybe both. But after the rollout of this feature, we’ll be having a pleasant experience searching the specific part of the content.

Besides this feature, the company is also revealing some other updates to its desktop and handset version. It also brings the other upcoming tool from a search point of view. If you didn’t find the content in your native language, then YouTube’s algorithm will automatically suggest you the related content after translating captions, titles, and description of the videos.

The other update coming to YouTube is the little snippets of the videos that can be played just by pointing the mouse at it. This update is for a desktop app as a mouse pointer will need for playing snippet videos.