Total War: Warhammer 3 probable release date revealed by a Reddit user


Total War: Warhammer 3 an upcoming installment to the Total War series is said to launch on November 4th. The leaks were revealed by a UK-based shop, as the listing on Shop suggests a potential release date. The previous showcase for Warhammer 3 was shared earlier in May. Since then the fans are waiting for its official announcement.

A fan on Reddit has shared a post and said that,

“I just checked Shopto (reputable UK retailer) and saw they’re selling Digital PC codes now. Their listing for Warhammer 3 says the game is releasing on the 4th of November”.

ShopTo is actually a UK-Based Retailer, where players are able to pre-order the unreleased or upcoming games. However, a die-hard fan has just kept his eyes on the ShopTo and has found a clue regarding the Total War. Warhammer III.

As the developers haven’t announced any official statement yet, but the codes listing on UK-Based retailer suggest it could be out on 4Th November.

Furthermore, the ShopTo listing suggests November 4th as the release date. However, Creative Assembly (developers) have now no longer supplied any records on when the game will be officially released.

Moreover, If Total War: Warhammer 3 launch date hits November 4th, then the developers can have sufficient time to feature in addition content—which includes taking over the long-lasting voice actors from Warhammer 2.