Shiba Token to have its own ShibaSwap for cryptocurrency exchange

Shiba Token the rising coin in the crypto market is testing its own ShibaSwap and will be released after successful tests. ShibaSwap is actually a decentralized crypto exchange, through which investors can trade cryptocurrency in a safe way. This will increase Shiba Token’s value in the crypto market, as well as it will be more valuable like Bitcoin and Ethereum.


ShibaSwap is basically like a saving account, where you get interest on your holding money. Same in the case with ShibaSwap, this will lock some of your tokens for six months and will be out of circulation.

In ShibaSwap you can either bury or can Dig coins. Simply if you bury Shiba Inu Coins in ShibaSwap, 66% of your coins will be locked for 6 months, while you will have access to 33% of your investments. In return, you will get shares of your investments. Furthermore, you will get 3% Bone Minted per block when a successful transaction has been made.

Same in the case with Dig and Leash, 66% supply will be locked, while 33% will be available. Also, you will get shares of your investments.


ShibaSwap will increase the value of the token, once investors Dig or Bury coins. In the future, there will be a huge surge because of this ecosystem.

If we take the example of Vitalik Buterin, he burns his 40% Shiba Tokens, which makes it limited in the market. Despite this, in future, if people invest in it. The coins will become limited, which will make the coins more valuable and their price will be increased automatically.

According to sources, the value of SHIBA Token surged 120% in the last 24 hours. The “Doge Killer” coin is gaining its market value extremely fast. As analysts suggest that, this could be the right time to invest in it, and it is expected to gain its value in near future. Additionally, the coin is expected to land on the Robinhood trading platform as well.

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