The Titanic actress Kate Winslet: In Harmonious conversation with New York Times.

Kate Winslet was interviewed by The New York Times for a cover story titled, “Kate Winslet Has No Filter,” which was published on May 31. The Titanic actress Kate upheld numerous questions asked by the interviewer, following her title role “Mare Sheehan” in the HBO series “Mare of Easttown”.

On the subject of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, Winslet was beseeched quick-fire queries, conclusively at the Times interview.

“You cannot halt perusal about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez,” asked the interviewer.

“What? No! I’ve never read about Jennifer in my life. What are these questions?” Winslet answered.

No one is ignorant that A-lister was already in close proximity with Winslet. After displaying a real sensational romance in “Titanic”, had led the fans that both Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio portrayed a realistic scene of intimacy.

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