Who does Justin Bieber prefer most Selena Gomez vs Hailey Bieber


Pop icon Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were distinguished couples but unlucky their profound relationship could not last long. Whatsoever, the viewers and fans have still not eliminated this notorious couple of their heads.

Due to continuous ups and downs, both Justin and Selena got detached permanently in 2018. Following the breakup in 2018, Justin had put a ring on Hailey’s finger and moved forward. While leaving Selena behind, Justin Bieber nonplussed the viewers and fans, but Jelena fans could not move on as for them Selena’s intimacy with Justin is of another level.

Jelena fans still believe that Justin Bieber loves Selena Gomez more than Hailey Bieber. Further, according to the expert body language professional Blanca Cop “Justin Bieber behavior with his ex-girlfriend is much different from the way he is behaving with his wife Hailey”

We ourselves can judge and analyze Justin’s behavior with Selena and Hailey by probing deep their snaps and videos.

But the couple has moved on as Selena is recently linked with an NBA player which displays that Selena has rushed forward. On the other hand, Justin criticized his fans for putting down Hailey, because Selena Gomez fans love to see Justin and Selena together.

Verily, this is an uncertain love triangle!