Friends: The Reunion’ China censored Celebrities


One of the controversial news promulgating regarding Friends reunion that China has censored its guest stars. The US slapstick Friends_ according to many Chinese, was the way to the American standard of living.

As English is not China’s native language, so Chinese instructors would take the help of the Friends series in order to educate students about English. Instead of this, Chinese love for Friends Reunion is unwavering as China has so many Friends-themed Central perk cafes.

This displays their keenness to Friends. Some of China’s substantial online streaming platforms were willing to broadcast the show as the news broke out that the genuine Cast is going to carry out a reunion. The same happened and the show was initially initiated in China but some keen-sighted observers objected that some of the best-known scenes were blue-penciled.

The boyband BTS, Lady Gaga, and Justin Bieber are those with whom the missing scenes are linked and have given chance to disputation in China. The stars were censored due to whilom vulgar headlines said by some of the people. The causes of these reducts are yet unknown.

According to viewers, at one platform six minutes clip is missing while four minutes at the other platform.

Last week, one of the China social media platforms Weibo disallowed 10 accounts of the south Korean Boyband BTS’s fan Clubs on account of publishing ill-bred materials and also for “encouraging inappropriate behaviors, including cyberbullying and improper fundraising and voting”.

In addition to this, Canadian singer Justin Bieber was banned in 2017 and the same has happened with Lady Gaga back in 2016 after meeting with the Dalai Lama.